About Us and our Experience

A few words about us

Sue Bannister and Michael Sutcliffe

City Insight founders, Sue Bannister and Michael Sutcliffe on the construction site of the Moses Mabhida Stadium

City Insight  assists in the development of good city management in order to transform and change the daily realities of city inhabitants.

City Insight was established by Ms. Sue Bannister and Dr. Michael Sutcliffe in September 2012.  Michael and Sue have over 50 years experience in a variety of sectors including working in academia, civil society, non-governmental organizations, all spheres of government (local, provincial and national), and the private sector.

City Insight works in collaboration with consultants, government and the private sector in providing information and advice on development.   We have a strong network of allied professionals with whom we have worked in the built environment and across Africa.

Our aim is to provide fresh insight and creative solutions to city issues.  Having dealt with the real problems and issues of local government and development, we have a good understanding of the theory, the politics and – most importantly – the practice of how urban areas work.

Africa has so many opportunities and incredible people but often lacks decision-takers. Implementing change means having well informed and trained people working within city structures.   City Insight is able to advise on management issues and develop training programmes developed around real issues and actual case studies to work with decision-makers to enhance their decision-taking abilities.

Sue Bannister currently serves as a Commissioner on the National Planning Commission.

Michael Sutcliffe presently serves as the Chair of the Local Government Sector Education Training Authority (LGSETA).


What we do

1 Advisory services
  • Advising private sector, government and non-governmental organisations on local government matters, including strategy, planning budgets, institutional organisation and policy.
  • Assisting cities in evaluating strategies and action plans and seeking developmental solutions to city problems.
  • Ensuring that development is sustainably built and managed in the long-run.
2 Analysing opportunities
  • Analysing opportunities for development between and within cities in Africa.
  • Advising governments on innovative development opportunities.
  • Assisting the private sector to understand government processes.
3 Building management capacity
  • Analysis of existing capacity and the development of strategies to enhance that capacity within local government.
4 Research and policy development
  • Analysing cities and sectors including studies on the economic, financial, environmental, social sustainability and viability of cities, on behalf of the private and public sectors.

our team

  • Michael Sutcliffe
    Dr. Michael Sutcliffe has an M.Sc. degree from the University of Natal and a PhD degree from...
  • Sue Bannister
    Sue has an undergraduate BSc degree in Town and Regional Planning from the University of the Witwatersrand,...