Our work includes:

  • Providing advise to private sector, government and non governmental organisations on local government matters, including strategy, planning, budgets, institutional organisation and policy.
  • Assisting local government in evaluating strategies and action plans and seeking developmental solutions to municipal problems.
  • Working  with stakeholders to narrow the gap between strategy, management and implementation.
  • Ensuring that development is sustainably built and managed in the long-run.


Some of our recent work in this regard includes:

  • Planning work in secondary cities
  • Implementation strategy for IUDF
  • Development of spatial contracts facilitating development
  • Development of frameworks for municipal rationalisation and governance
  • City development strategies in major urban areas
  • Back to basics policy development in South Africa
  • Policy paper on General Local Government Laws Amendments
  • Municipal performance reports for over 10 municipalities
  • Analysis of municipal entity performance in major urban areas
  • Business case for a Local Government Skills Development Institute
  • Developing criteria for land use planning that may be in the national interest
  • Investigation reports into the redetermination of municipal boundaries
  • Discussion document on the national spatial development framework in South Africa
  • Global trends in decentralisation and local democracy
  • Developing strategic understanding of local democracy and decentralisation
  • Development of smart cities strategies in two Indian cities
  • Analysis of key learnings applicable in the Palestinian context
  • Development of strategies for entities such as the Mandela Bay Development Agency
  • Development of a strategy to guide government’s strategic use of land and state property

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